An analysis value is where the work begins.

The judgement of samples is based on all analysis figures as a whole. Therefore it is essential to have detailed knowledge about natural limits of variation, regional peculiarities and also about possible differences of varieties.  An indispensable basis of our knowlegde is the GfL database. Since 20 years all analysis results and details of the samples are saved. In the meantime there are more than 2,5 Million data sets which can be analysed any needful way.

We can perform customer-specific examinations without any problems, as well as an interpretation for years, regions and so on. Also the logical combination of parameters, realising functional coherences, arithmetic operations like standard deviation, creation of quotients and also graphic data output is possible. Because of this knowlegde GfL could often help to find the “true” values.

Besides regular publications and expert activities this know-how as well as our digitalized literatur archive is exclusively available for our consultancy customers.

Further basis for judging a sample may be the AIJN Code of Practice (CoP), the so-called German “Leitsätze Standard”, European regulations and directives, US Federal Regulations, ALS statements, Technical Regulation of the Customs Union (Russia), standards of  “consumer protection agencies”, the Codex Alimentarius and of course your specifications just to name a few.