Authenticity analysis of fruit and vegetable juices as well as related products is our key asset.

Generally three kinds of adulterations can be distinguished. The central issue is always an unfair or illegal advantage in competition. These are additions of sugars, acids, water and so on, blending with cheaper foreign fruit and the use of illegal technology (B-Juice).

To check for such manipulations we offer all the necessary analysis such as the IFU-Methods for example. Our analysis scope ranges from standard parameters such as glucose, fructose, D-malic acid and sodium to more complex parameters such as the oligosacharide profile (Low-GC), cellobiose or amino acids. Also stable isotope analysis on C12/13 and O16/18 may be usefull. We furthermore perform aroma analysis. This can be analysis of single components, total aroma spectra and chiral separation of enantiomers. Also aroma itself is tested for authenticity. This includes e.g. carriers like PG or triacetin but also BVO (brominated vegetable oil).

For every kind of fruit we have so called GfL packages in which the necessary parameters are defined.These include a lot of specific analysis such as carotinoid fractions, pectins, polyphenols, fruit content estimations and numerous fingerprint methods such as anthocyanins or PMFs.

Crucial point of every report is the interpretation of the results. For this reason the GfL database is an essential tool beside CoP/RSK. Due to our long experience you can be sure to get an expert judgement.

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