Contract research

Diverse equipment, access to world wide literature and our team from the different branches allow us to handle your special projects most efficiently.

We have available a broad range of analytical capabilities.

In liquid chromatographie: HPLC-MS/MS, diode array and fluorescence detectors,  Ion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric (PAD) and conductivity detection, refractive index detector, pre and post column derivatisation and a amino acid analyzer.

In gas chromatographie: GC-MS/MS, singel quandrupoles with headspace and liquid injection (cold and PTV), electron capture detector (ECD), nitrogen–phosphorus detector (NPD), flame photometric and ionization detector (FPD/FID) as well double column systems.

Amoung sample preparation techniques we use GPC, SDE, SPE, immunoaffinity columns, turbo evaporation and freeze-drying. Apperently also all kinds of wet chemistry and a broad range of physical parameters.

For metals a graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) with Zeeman correction after microwave digestion as well as flame AAS with hydride atomization. Also ICP-MS is at hand.

We regularly have master students from universities such as Technical University Berlin. For literatur surveys we have, beside regular database access (SciFinder)  an archive of hundreds of books, journals, protocols all fully digitilized which is constantly growing also from our memberships. Some of our output is accessible under “our activities”.


Providing original literature: 49,- €* / Article

Literature research: 149,- €* basic fee for 1/2 hour database research (online/offline) 49,- €* every additional 1/2 hour

* prices are bench marks. Favourable conditions can be possible in single cases. For consultancy customers this service is free of charge.

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