Test for Dioxins and dl-PCB via Bioassay DR CALUX

To detect contaminations with Dioxins in food and feedstuffs traditionally one had to use  tedious chemical procedures. In case of crisis results may have taken several weeks. Of course time is the crucial factor when it comes to releasing uncontaminated goods on the one hand or taking consumer protection measuress on the other. Last not least one has to avert economical damage.

On the occasion of a new EU-regulation to implement an obligation of analysis on feed, we have implemented a new type of analysis tecnique. The bioanalytical procedures  DR-CALUX is regulated by the European Union (Regulation No 252/2012) and tested by the European Union Reference Laboratory for Dioxins and PCBs in Feed and Food (CVUA Freiburg). It is already routine to screen food and feed this way in several national reference labs of the EU.

The cell based analysis procedure is much easier in handling and more cost-efficient than the classical method. In stead of weeks defenite and accurate results may be obtained only in a few days. Of course the procedure is accredited according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Further background informationen on Dioxins, results of monitoring programmes and up-to-date information is provided under www.dioxindb.de.